Autumn in Rome

Autumn in Rome 1954

A lonely young woman sings two melancholy ballads in her Manhattan high rise apartment.

Star of Destiny

Star of Destiny 1966

"She's out there somewhere, well and alive." Eiji (Teruhiko Saigo) and his sister hadn't seen their mother in almost 20 years. The war had separated them. When Eiji learns that his sister is engaged, he is determined to reunite with his mother and relay the wonderful news. With a pocket full of hopes and just one clue that may lead him to his mother, Eiji sets off for Taiwan.

The Smashing Pumpkins: Night Prayers

The Smashing Pumpkins: Night Prayers 1998

On this DVD you'll find two seperate and dinstinct performances, one at the peak of the original line-up in 1998 live in Brussels, the other featuring Corgan's latest formation since 2011 live in New York. Both shows display the intensity and quality of one of alt rock's best band!

A Private Engagement

A Private Engagement 1930

The Yacht Club Boys sing at a private party for George Mellon and his daughter. There are four of them, one of whom plays the piano, two play the guitar, and fourth plays the violin.

Train: Midnight Moon

Train: Midnight Moon 2002

Train performance at San Francisco's Warfield Theatre intercut with documentary footage of the band.

Smouldering Cigarette

Smouldering Cigarette 2001

1942. Owing to a stolen mink coat, Süti, the young poet and journalist, gets acquainted with Katalin, the idolated singer. Before being drafted to labour service, he shows the actress the song he composed for her, entitled Smouldering Cigarette.

From Nashville With Music

From Nashville With Music 1969

From Nashville With Music is another slim plot that gives an excuse for Nashville country stars to perform. The stars are Leo G. Carroll, Marilyn Maxwell, Jose Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Marty Robbins (singing "El Paso"), Buddy Allen, Bill Anderson, Don Gibson, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Cousin Jody, Buck Owens, Bonnie Owens, Charley Pride, Susan Raye, Carl Smith, Wynn Stewart and Tammy Wynette. (from

Atlanta Homecoming

Atlanta Homecoming 1998

Filmed at one of the largest Homecoming concert events ever at the Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia; Atlanta Homecoming contains live performances of some of your favourite songs and artists.