Simone 1918

Simone has been brought up by her widowed father and Hermance, the old governess. She loves her father and worships her dead mother. But nobody has ever told her about the strange circumstances in which her mother lost her life. In fact, fifteen years earlier, following a hunting party, Mme de Sergeac had been found in her bedroom, killed by gunshot. Beside her, her husband, wounded and unconscious. Now Simone is fifteen. She is in love with Michel Mignier, but she still does not know the truth. It is Hermance, the governess, who will the reveal the whole thing ...

Mohr und die Raben von London 1969

London in 1856. Karl Marx is living in exile in the British capital. One day, "Mohr", as Marx is called by his friends, meets the 13-year old worker′s son Joe. The boy works every day for twelve hours in a spinning mill and even has to work night shifts although that violates current rules. Marx tries to end the illegal activities of the spinning mill owner and one night shows up at the mill together with an inspector. But his foray is undermined by a robbery by the rebellious raven gang that is led by Joe′s brother Billy. The spinning mill owner of course takes this chance to blame his young workers for the theft. But Marx is not let astray and does not stop to fight against child labour. Furthermore, he tries to get the members of the raven gang back on the straight and narrow – with success.

The Window 1999

With the city hospital packed with patients, two unlikely roommates find themselves sharing a space just large enough for two beds and a window. Blake Cain (Gregory J. Cooper) is a bitter man who has hit rock bottom. Josiah Carver (Leslie Rainey) is a rugged old talker with a an unquenchable desire to forge a friendship. Together they find hope and forgiveness in a small window with an unforgettable view.

Geneviève 1923

Geneviève is an orphan child and living with her little sister Josette. Because of her economic situation, she cancels marriage with an honest and respectful man. Josette, after a short and tremendous love affair, dies leaving a little baby boy. Due to this incident, Geneviève is convicted and imprisoned. Wandering from town to town, village to village, she finally manages to get to her ancient fiance's house.

Sheriff Teddy 1957

A story about thirteen years old Kalle who is moving with the family from West Berlin to East.

O Rei e os Trapalhões 1979

In a city of the East, the throne of the young king Amad is usurped by the evil Vizir Jafar. The king is imprisoned, and in prison he meets the famous thieves of the kingdom: Abdul, Abel, Abol and Abil. With the help of these thieves, the king flees and, during the escape, knows the princess Alina, by which he falls passionately in love. The Vizir possesses magical powers, faced by the heroes with the help of the genie of a lamp found by Abdul. With the help of the genius, the four friends are transported to the twentieth century, where they cause much confusion and end up being arrested.

Achan 1952

Chandran and Balan are showered love and affection by their father and stepmother. But Chandran does not realise the value of this and grows into a bad boy.

Dos locos en escena 1960

Viruta and Capulina, magicians working in a theater where the actors delegate dishonest ratchets, is assassinated by two stagehands to remove payroll and left her body in the clubhouse Cristas singer Virutas girlfriend. He and Capulina move the body in a trunk to utility room but the trunk is base off and the body is in the Viruta's room. A lush Chasing Coquis showgirl girlfriend Capulina, stains of red paint and falls asleep, believing him dead detectives accuse Capulina and Viruta of murder.