Rock N Learn Alphabet Fun

Young learners join Alphabet Al on an exciting trip to the circus. Children learn the alphabet and begin building letter-sound associations fundamental for reading. Attention-grabbing acrobats, crazy clowns, elephants, dancing dogs, and other amazing performers keep preschoolers entertained and help build vocabulary. This home edition features highlights from Rock N Learn Alphabet Circus.

Seal Island 1976

Pebble Island, a breeding ground for seals is to be sold to a Conservation Group. Mike, Kate and Ben are horrified to find that until the sale is completed, permits have been granted for two professional killers to shoot seals for their skins.

Scramble 1970

Jimmy Riley makes friends with Colin and Brian Buxton, both keen members of a schoolboys' scramble club. Lennie and Cliff, old friends of Jimmy's, steal wealthy Mr Hepplewhite's car. Jimmy finds the crooks with the car but will not join in with them.

Professor Popper's Problems 1974

Professor Popper develops a shrinking formula which he and a group of school kids take by accident, ending up trapped in his laboratory. But that's not the only problem that faces the professor and his friends.

Up in the Air 1969

Victorian schoolboy adventure. Freddie is sent away to a boarding school where he is very miserable and tries to escape in several instances. Finally the head of the school who made his life impossible is accused and taken away.

The Story of Love 1971

Although well qualified, Ram Chand is unable to obtain suitable employment, and works as a peon in an organization. One day he meets with Ravi Chand, who is on the verge of committing ...

Wreck Raisers 1972

Four children save money to buy a boat but are accused of boat stealing. When the boat is wrecked, they have to raise the wreck to prove their innocence.

The Trouble with 2B 1972

It isn't really the fault of the children in 2B that their efforts to be helpful end in disaster.

Rangi's Catch 1972

Four children on a remote sheep station in New Zealand hear of the escape of two convicts, and realise that the crooks are responsible for burgling their house.

Paras 1971

Dharam Singh is a honest farmer in rural India, and lives with his sister, Bela, who is now of marriageable age. One day both brother and sister witness a murder, and haul the killer to the...

Commander Kellie & the Superkids: Armor of Light 1995

NME serves unrelenting as Major Dread is determined to destroy the broadcasts of SKTV. He enlists Darkmaster to serve as a hero to the world in order to sway viewers from SKTV. A rally is planned in order to draw even more attention to the dark side. But Commander Kellie enlists her own force of God's Word. And with the help of Pastor Daniel Lyon, the true light of God's Word is shed upon NME's darkness.

Commander Kellie & the Superkids: The Sword 1997

Out of the failures of Major Dread, General Fear takes matters into his own hands and forms a fail-proof plan to finally defeat Commander Kellie and the Superkids and irradicate SKTV. Deception is the tool used as General Fear places a spy at SKTV and uses his all-powerful S.W.O.R.D. machine in order to control every device and every word spoken.