Early Maturation of Marko Kovac 1981

Marko is a boy whose family finds himself in a difficult situation after his mother is severely ill. Although doctors perform a successful operation, the father abandons wife and son. In such a situation, Marko must be too early to grow up.

All Together Now 1975

Four orphaned children have 30 days to prove that they can remain together as a family without adult supervision. Based on a true story.

Someone Is Still Waiting 2009

1st STORY: The Waiting Room. Vanja and Dara, women of the middle-age, from different social status, met in the hall of the waiting room of a hospital, waiting to be called to prepare for abortion. This unexpected meeting will start a lot of questions in their mind, and make them reconsider their decision. 2nd STORY: The Road. A country, somewhere in Serbia: mother is taking her daughter, along the road, to the doctor who lives alone in a wagon, in which he makes illegal abortions. All over that journey there is collision between mother's traditional attitude against pregnancy before marriage and daughter's youthful wish for a birth of a new life from love. 3rd STORY: Water. Nada, a young woman in late twenties, remembered in a prison cell, the tragical events which made her kill her husband. In the hospital, where she was taken by a police car, for making abortion of his child, she met a person, who she didn't expect to meet.

Blackbeard: Terror at Sea 2006

Go inside the cunning mind of a charming criminal genius as National Geographic tells the dramatic story of this fearsome pirate who preyed on Caribbean trade routes. Blackbeard: Terror at Sea charts the exploits of Englishman Edward Teach, an intelligent and charismatic leader who confounded the powers of England and Virginia as he overtook and pillaged 40 ships in two years, stealing hidden cargo and precious exports to and from the Caribbean.

Motion and Emotion: The Films of Wim Wenders 1990

Though very polite and British, this feature-length documentary about German filmmaker Wim Wenders offers the most penetrating insights and the best overall critique of his work that I have encountered anywhere. Paul Joyce, who directed it, has also made documentaries about Nicolas Roeg, David Cronenberg, Nagisa Oshima, and Dennis Hopper, and he knows the conventional format well enough to get the most out of it. There are good clips and interesting commentaries from the interviewed subjects, who include Wenders himself, cinematographer Robby Muller, filmmaker Sam Fuller, novelist Patricia Highsmith, musician Ry Cooder, actors Harry Dean Stanton, Peter Falk, and Hanns Zischler, and critic Kraft Wetzel, who is especially provocative. A must-see for Wenders fans, highly recommended for everyone else. –Jonathan Rosenbaum, 1989

Because Mommy Works 1994

Since her divorce nurse Abbey lives alone with her 6 years old son Willie. Her ex-husband Ted may have Willie every second weekend. But when Ted marries Clare, who has two children herself, he wants to see Willie more and more often.

The Crimson Sunset 1977

Two city folk go on a trip to deserted villages around the country, laden with spirits, guns, and other ammunition. The trip is intended as an outing in nature, but quickly the journey turns into pure horror.

Folklore: Mongdal

A mother tries to appease the moods and demands of her borderline psychopathic son. When a new girl comes to town, her son falls quickly and deeply for the new girl and is determined to win her over possibly even against her will. When things take a tragic turn, his mother will stop at nothing to make her son happy even if it means finding a bride to join him in the afterlife.

Folklore: Pob

A journalist meets with Pob, a Thai ghost, who confesses to a murder. Finally finding an outlet for complaint, Pob explains how the murder happened and requests for his story to be published. However, the journalist declines and the two make a deal of a lifetime.

Folklore: Nobody

A Pontianak is awaked when a foreman and a construction worker attempt to bury the body of a dead girl instead of burning her. A series of unfortunate events begin to occur at the construction site.

Folklore: Tatami

A murder scene writer returns home to attend his father's funeral and begins to experience constant flashbacks of his childhood. He then discovers a secret door in the house that leads to a room that hides a horrifying secret from his family's past.

Villahousupakko 1977

Timo Antero Kuusisto has been sick at home for a few days, and he must go back to school. His dad forces him to wear woollen panties.

9B 1986

The story of a young idealistic teacher and his struggle with a class of difficult students in a northern British Columbia school.