Mama und der Millionär 2005

The single mother Leonie has great worries: Since her ex-boyfriend left her a huge debt mountain, knows the young cosmetics saleswoman hardly how to make a living. In her distress, Leonie decides to catch a millionaire. She is on the verge of falling in love with her new colleague Oliver. What Leonie does not suspect: The alleged temporary worker is in truth no less than the son of her employer - and thus a "real" millionaire

Particular Men 1972

A fictitious but powerful look at the dawn of the nuclear age, this stage performance follows several government scientists as they develop the atomic bomb, grapple with the morality of their work, and confront major problems with their superiors. Written by award-winning playwright Loring Mandel, this riveting production stars Stacy Keach, Alice Drummond, Lois Smith, Clifton James and Verna Bloom.

Tre donne - 1943: Un incontro 1971

This vehicle for the great actress Anna Magnani was one of the four made for Italian television and shown in 1971-1972 at the end of her career. The other three were "La sciantosa," "Correva l'anno di grazia 1870," and "L'automobile" and were all directed by Alfredo Giannetti.

Crosscurrent 1971

Two San Francisco detectives investigating a murder committed on one of the city's famous cable cars discover that the victim was the son of a shipping tycoon. The trail leads to a drug dealer, a shady physician and a nervous police captain

Fatal Judgement 1988

A Massachusetts nurse (Patty Duke) is accused of exercising Fatal Judgment in this made-for-TV movie. While tending a seriously ill cancer patient, the nurse administered a generous dose of morphine. The patient died, which is why the woman is now on trial for murder.