Baaz 1953

The Crown Prince of Malabar dallies with Rosita whilst his people suffer at the hands of cruel Portuguese colonists. Whilst voyaging on a Portuguese ship, the Prince is captured by patriots who are rebelling against the foreign invaders. They are led by a girl called Nisha known as "The Falcon" ("Baaz"). The Prince conceals his identity from Nisha and a romance blossoms between them. Together, they rouse the people, rout the Portuguese and free the Kingdom - but can a commoner marry a Prince ?

Colar de Coral

Colar de Coral 1952

A young doctor from a prestigious biomedical research center must deal with his rival's attempts to bring him down.

Above All Else: The Everest Dream

Above All Else: The Everest Dream 1999

There are always two stories in mountain climbing, the story of the mountain and the story of the people trying to climb it. We know the story of Everest well after the tragic news stories and the IMAX film about it. There may be more technically difficult mountains to climb, but none have the mystique of Everest. Above All Else is the story of Alan Hobson and Jamie Clarke's third and final attempt to scale the mountain. The two climbers, who had failed twice in 10 years to conquer Everest--once only 400 meters from the top--balance each other well; Clarke's surfer style is offset by Hobson's thoughtfulness.

Ushchelye Alamasov

Ushchelye Alamasov 1937

Монгольская экспедиция, возглавляемая профессором Джамбоном и группа советских исследователей отправляется через пустыню в Аламасские горы, где предположительно находятся большие месторождения нефти. Среди членов экспедиции оказывается диверсант, по наводке которого на экспедиции совершается нападение…


Hunterwali 1935

Preceded by a legend describing its heroine as a 'Brave Indian girl who sacrificed royal luxuries to the cause of her people and her country', the story opens with a prologue showing Krishnavati and her infant son being thrown out of the house in a thunderstorm by the wicked Prime Minister Ranamal who also killed her brother. 20 years later the now adult son, Jaswant, is hit by a royal motor car and given a bag of gold in compensation. His refusal of the gift attracts the admiration of Princess Madhuri. When the nasty Ranamal, who wants to marry her, imprisons her father the king, she becomes the masked Hunterwali, 'protector of the poor and punisher of evildoers', and performer of stunts like jumping over a moving cartand fighting 20 soldiers at once. She steals Jaswant's prize horse, Punjab, but returns it later. Jaswant chances upon a nude Hunterwali bathing in the river and after a long duel captures her and takes her to Ranamal to claim his reward.

The Spy

The Spy 1917

Considered as the one of the first feature-length Turkish movies produced during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, Casus is about a spying adventure which took place in the First World War. The copy of the movie did not survive to the present day.

The Call of the Mountain

The Call of the Mountain 1937

In The Call of the Mountain (L’appel de la montagne) a couple are childhood sweethearts who are separated, she marries a rich man and he becomes an alpine guide. The woman’s husband dies, and she returns home to Switzerland, her wealth and beauty drawing interest from a foreign rake, rogue, and roué named Billinsky. He talks her into a mountain ascension that meets with disaster when some of the climbers fall to their deaths. Her loyal friend the alpine guide rescues his sweetheart, and saves her again.