The Beautiful Margaret

The Beautiful Margaret 1910

The events that transpire in the drama are too well known to require reiteration here. All showmen and most auditors are familiar with the story. This makes the burlesque possible, for without a common knowledge of the original drama a portion of the comedy would be lost. The various parts are played by puppets in the hands of clever and careful operators. (Moving Picture World)


Ruddigore 1967

For centuries, the Murgatroyd family, the Baronets of Ruddigore, have been under a witch's curse -- commit a crime every day, or die in agony. Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, the rightful heir, has run away to live as an innocent peasant ("Robin Oakapple") in the Cornish village of Rederring, sticking his brother Despard with the curse. But on the very day that "Robin" is to marry sweet, beautiful Rose Maybud, it all falls apart. Can Sir Ruthven outwit a picture gallery full of his ancestors' ghosts to save the day?

Fantastic Dining Room

Fantastic Dining Room 1899

Showing the interior of a dining room of a modest cottage, whereto enter a young couple to partake in their meal, which is being served up by the maid. Suddenly the legs of the table are extended to three times their height; the dinner being elevated to this extent; in order to reach same they climb into the chairs. The table suddenly vanishes, but makes its appearance in another section of the room. It is practically a chase between them and the table, this finally disappearing altogether, and in its place is seen a gigantic bottle of "Scotch." Further surprising tricks are introduced, making this subject one of unusual interest. (Selig Catalog)

The Spirits

The Spirits 1969

Three tales taken from author Pu Songling's collection of famous classical ghost stories. Wu Qiuyue- Wang Ding falls in love with a ghost and fights with the guards of Hades to bring her back. Monk Lu Shan-A monk takes Wang Qi as pupil and teaches him the act of walking through walls. A Woman's Head- Li Sheng marries Rui niang only to discover that she is a headless ghost.

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow 1921

A drunken gardener is challenged to a poker match by agents of the Devil; replete with location shots in Hades of the Devil giving orders to his agents on Earth.