Pituitary 1979

“It came from 1979! A paranoid tale of the myths and misconceptions surrounding body changes in adolescence. Found footage with hand drawn flourishes. In full 16mm punk-era unrestored decrepitude! Made in one week. Sound by Ground Zero, Boston.” —Lisa Crafts

Pussy Pumps Up

Pussy Pumps Up 1979

“In a wry exploration of women’s sexuality, the character Pussy demonstrates the play between the masculine and the feminine, the strong and the passive, the observer and the observed, as she metamorphoses between female, feline and male figures. As the film demonstrates, animation is a form ideally suited to render the process of metamorphosis.” —Dr. Marian Quigley

Ten Miles to the Gallop

Ten Miles to the Gallop 1973

Hoot, thinking it's impossible to catch Crazywolf on his horse Fester, he replaces him with a police-car. Crazywolf of course makes it impossible for him to catch him even with his car.

Jimmy the C

Jimmy the C 1977

President Jimmy Carter "sings" Ray Charles' "Georgia on my Mind", while thinking about his home state.


Thumbelina 1992

The Marvelous Magician gifts the kind widow Hobbs on her birthday with a tiny child - Thumbelina. Percival the Pig, Hobbs' companion, gets very jealous of Thumbelina and arranges for a bullfrog to kidnap her.



Zombie Lee has an outrageous hunger that won't be silenced by food alone.

Cattle Battle

Cattle Battle 1971

Rattfink tries to steal cattle guarded by Roland, but one of the herd- a bull- keeps ruining Rattfink's plan. Meanwhile, Roland's horse, who hates Roland's music, keeps destroying his equipment he plays. NOTE: Last "Roland and Rattfink" cartoon.

Hades Project: Zeorymer Separation

Hades Project: Zeorymer Separation 1988

Parts 1 & 2. When high school student Masato discovers that his parents aren't really his parents and that he's been selected to pilot the giant robot Zeorymer, he decides he must fight the evil corporation that built it. Unfortunately, the bad guys have already launched the mysterious Hades Project, and their giant robots outnumber Masato 7-to-1 in this Japanese animé series.

Robotech: Code Name

Robotech: Code Name 1985

Codename: Robotech is an animated pilot that preceded the original 1985 Robotech television series. It is set within the events of the First Robotech War.