The Wind Subsides 1997

Beautiful, ragged animation, all flowing lines morphing one thing into another. Land becomes bull becomes man becomes cat, set to propulsive music by Goran Mikulec.

Little Wolf 1992

Four grown wolves and a little one chase a sheep through the night. Little Wolf stops, captivated by the moon. He catches hold of it, and then the moon rises, with Little Wolf hanging on.

Zoologic 2007

A penguin and a gorilla team up to lead the other animals in revolt against a zookeeper who just won't leave them alone in American director Nicole Mitchell's comedic short film.

Bike Ride 2001

This freewheeling, free-associative short uses very cool white-on-black animation and a jazz percussion score to tell the heartbreaking story of James Peterson, a guy who rode his bike fifty miles to visit his girlfriend, only to receive a less-than-enthusiastic welcome. It's not a pretty story. Late that night, he rode home again.

Stripy 2015

All the workers in a factory have been instructed to paint stripes on the boxes. The work is getting done in the usual mundane way, until one of the workers decides to paint the boxes differently.

Snowfall 2015

Snowfall is the story of an anxious young man who has a moving experience at a friend's house party. It's a story of fleeting love, of mixed emotions, and of how we interact with each other.

Jean-François 2009

A swimming champion longs to recover his lost childhood in French directors Tom Haugomat and Bruno Mangyoku's haunting film about nostalgia, memory and the disappointments of adult life.

Hot Seat 2008

Animators were asked to submit ideas based on the theme, "Do the Right Thing". This story is based on the director's experience of losing her chair while working in the National Film Board's animation studio. This film also explores the many uses for a carrot.

Kudan 2008

As oppose to the mythological creature Minotaur, a monsters of western culture, a Japanese monster Kudan has a human head and the body of cow. Kudan is born from female cow. It speaks human language, predicts significant incidents such as war or disaster and dies in three days. This story is about a man who is accidentally transformed into a Kudan. One day the man, who doesn’t communicate with his son well, receives a box by mail and he finds a strange helmet in the box. He is transformed into a Kudan when he wears it. Although his body stays in this world, his head is in another world, coming out from the cow’s body. The helmet is a door to another world…

Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight 2008

Keith Reynolds is excited about Promotion Day, for it will finally make him a success and win the attention of Sarah. But things don't quite go as planned in English director Felix Massie's debut film.

The Irresistible Smile 2006

In this chaotic and hilarious short about the plane flight from hell, an ever-smiling flight attendant tries her best to keep things under control while dealing with the world's worst passengers. Smokers, drunks, and the inevitable crying baby are just the beginning (don't even ask about the suitcase full of coughing kittens), but, before things come to their fateful and fiery end, at least everyone is happy for a brief moment.

Shipwrecked 2005

A castaway's efforts to make contact with would-be rescuers finally leads to his discovery, but his savior has plans of his own in Dutch director Frodo Kuipers' desert island saga.

At the Quinte Hotel 2005

America had Charles Bukowski and Canada had Al Purdy, a hard-drinking, hard-living poet who wrote about bars, hockey and beer. In this vibrant and kinetic short film, Purdy reads his best-known poem (involving a beer, a bar, and a brawl) accompanied by a dizzying array of animation that perfectly captures the work's ironic tone and its exuberant evocation of alcohol, antagonism and Art.

Mrs. Metro 2016

Nobody likes a crying baby on board a train, least of all the lady who makes the announcements.

The Apple Tree 2015

Tommy Willis is a boy of 10. Living in poverty and with a nagging hunger, he escapes to the wilderness one day to find solace. He stumbles across a lone, withering apple tree deep in the woods and is horrified by it's condition. It has been vandalized, cut into and the surrounding area littered with evidence of teenage indifference. He resolves to put it right, whatever be the consequences.