The Hurvinek Circus

The Hurvinek Circus 1955

Hurvinek cannot go to a circus because he injured himself when sliding down the stair rail. He daydreams that he is an acrobat riding a scooter and an animal-trainer taming beasts. (MUBI)

Tamer of the Wild Horses

Tamer of the Wild Horses 1967

A tamer of horses discovers a large mechanical horse. A conflict develops when the horse tamer attempts to tame the horse and the horse attempts to destroy the man. Considers the relationship between man and technology.

The Jubilee of Mr Ikel

The Jubilee of Mr Ikel 1955

A man wakes up in his grave and realizes that he's been buried alive. He gets up and arrives home only to find out that his wife and relatives threw a party instead of mourning, looking forward to his big inheritance.


Meurtre 1964

A free transposition of a Kafka novel: the peace of an imaginary insect is disturbed by three little balls.

Koko's Paradise

Koko's Paradise 1926

Max Fleischer is going to a shooting gallery, so he practices on Koko and Fitz, sending them both to Paradise in this slightly erratic but funny cartoon.

The Horse on the Merry-Go-Round

The Horse on the Merry-Go-Round 1938

Weary of his running-in-circles existence as a merry-go-round horse, the little hobby-horse gets a case of wanderlust. That night he gets out after the fair has closed and takes in the world of the Crazy House, the Wax Museum, the Ferris Wheel and a roller coaster. Battered and beaten from his adventures, he concludes he is better off on his stand at the merry-go-round.


Flebus 1957

The gregarious Flebus, whom everyone likes, grows desperate when he meets the one person who can't stand him.


Pandorama 2000

"This is a nice fruit tree here. Why don't you eat from it? " Working from about 2,500 images, all painstakingly drawn and painted and textured onto clear 70mm film leader, Nina Paley’s brilliant, camera-less short film paints the proverbial "Fall from Grace" as a labyrinthine trip through Pandora's box. It is a mad race, a dance with death and a rollicking good time in this raucous, vibrant set of color images shimmering and shimmying over a black background, all to the driving insouciance of Scottish punk rockers the Revillos' "Yeah Yeah."

Law and Order

Law and Order 1950

A radio program tells the story: Cats lure mice with a peep show, then drop them into ice cube trays. The semi-frozen mice are then sold to cats for 5 cents each. The dog police come and break things up somewhat, but it takes Mighty Mouse to truly save the day and set the mice free.

The Mascot's Marriage

The Mascot's Marriage 1935

The Mascot serenades a lady dog. Another dog that listened and liked the song, wants to imprison Mascot so that he sings in his house.

Angel Legend

Angel Legend 1996

Angel Densetsu is a story about Seiichirou Kitano, a kind and naive boy with the heart of an angel, but the sinister looks of a devil. This causes many misunderstandings, leading people to assume that he is a villain or heroin addict, and results in a career as the head thug, or "school guardian" at his new school.