Sandburg's Arithmetic 2000

"Arithmetic is where numbers fly like pigeons in and out of your head." So begins Carl Sandburg's whimsical poem, read here by the author, and brought to life by Lynn Smith's delicate and colorful animation. Chockfull of birds and other animal life, this charming film explores the role that numbers play in our lives, while providing a memorable encounter with America's best-loved poet.

Dancing Songs 1966

Short animation inspired by traditional folk songs, telling the story of a young boy torn between two potential brides, one rich and one poor.

The Dream Kids 1944

It's the dead of winter and Crow is alone in the frigid tundra. He happens upon Fox's cabin, but finds his host less than hospitable.

Portraits 1964

A group of mourners provide different portraits of a deceased man at a funeral.

Contrepied 1966

An animated short featuring a man struggling with a noisy pair of shoes.

The Giants 1970

A blue dwarf and a red dwarf get into a vicious argument. Each ultimately calls upon a matching giant to protect them, with unexpected results.

fun on mars 1971

"I made this film when I went to the San Francisco Art Institute, after graduating from Smith a semester early. It was my reaction to California. "Sweeping the Clouds Away" is sung by Charles "Buddy" Rodgers, who was Mary Pickford's husband. huh? who? The doctored photo was of an astronaut on the moon-- I thought he looked like a duck and made him one. From 1971... yikes!"

Slay It with Flowers 1943

The Fox arrives at his penthouse apartment with an assortment of seeds and vegetables to plant in his garden. Naturally, the crow notices his haul and immediately tries to steal some for himself. The fox discovers the crow and evicts him by replacing the seeds with hot peppers. The crow returns to encounter a Hitler-esque scarecrow planted by the fox but the crow dresses as Stalin to frighten the scarecrow away! The fox puts salt on the crow's tail and throws him from the building but the crow discovers salt has no effect on a bird's ability to fly and returns to the penthouse to tussle with the fox some more. Finally, the fox reveals he is using the seeds to plant a victory garden at which point the patriotic crow finally promises to leave the fox alone and the two shake hands (with a joy buzzer).

Plenty Below Zero 1943

This entry in Columbia's "Fox and Crow" series (production number 5006) finds the Crow staying north instead of flying south for the winter, and steals his food from the Fox's meager supply.

Tarantella 1966

Short animation featuring cut-out photographs of all kinds of shoes and feet dancing a tarantella.

Reducing Creme 1934

Willie Whooper, doused in reducing creme, shrinks to the size of a mouse and is chased by a cat throughout a house. Finally Willie returns to normal size and angrily covers the cat in reducing creme. The cat now shrinks to mouse size, and gets a black eye from the mouse he habitually torments.

Mischievous Mice 1934

This short opens showing numerous mice eating all the food in Honey's kitchen and ruining everything in her house. She tires valiantly to run them off but they outsmart her. She makes a phone call and Cubby appears at her door. The mice make quick work of him too. Only a fat cat is able to temporarily stop them but they soon turn on him too. Cubby comes to the aide of the cat but the mice outsmart the both of them. In the end the mice have run off the cat, Honey is gone, and Cubby sits dazed on the floor as the mice cheer their victory.