Drink 2000

A strange liquid conjures people out of a man's mouth.

Tiny Chibisuke's Big Adventure

Tiny Chibisuke's Big Adventure 1935

Dreaming of rising up in the world, Chibisuke the little bonze travels to the city, where he becomes a retainer to a Cabinet minister, who takes a liking to Chibisuke who dances for him in his palm. One day, Chibisuke is accompanying a princess to Shimizu when a mountain devil attacks her. Chibisuke makes numerous surprise attacks on the devil before finally overcoming him, and using a horn of plenty left behind by the devil, he ends up a strapping young man.

Birdland - A Night in Tunisia

Birdland - A Night in Tunisia 1995

Dizzy Gillespie's brilliant trumpet is making up to nightly mysteries in the gleam of the half-moon where two courting flamingos are dancing while a grumpy parrot wants peace and quiet for his night's sleep. This is the fourth and last short film in the Birdland series by Danish animator Jannik Hastrup.

Komposition II/1922

Komposition II/1922 1959

Conceived in 1922, conceptual design published in "De Stijl Nr. 5" (1923), but not realised until 1959.



A short experimental animated film featuring flowers and patterns.