Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls 1994

It is nearly Christmas when two recently orphaned children have to choose with which of their relatives they will live - eccentric, stingy Aunt Edwina , who only wants them for their trust fund, or kindly Uncle Robert who wants to genuinely welcome them into his family. It's an amusing and heart-warming story as Edwina pretends to adore the children in order to trick them into coming to live with her. But on Christmas morning, both Edwina and Robert have surprises in store for them when the children make their decision.

Data Driven: The Story of Franz K

Data Driven: The Story of Franz K 1993

A very early animated study by the future Oscar winning animator Chris Landreth. Here we see the roots of Landreth's approach of perverting the latest high end 3D animation to fabricate Kafkaesque, jigsaw monsters with jarring incongruities.



An audition for a conditioner commercial becomes an otherworldly psychogenic experience. Bold colors and pure style take precedent in this animated journey through place and mind.

Xanadu: Legend of Dragonslayer

Xanadu: Legend of Dragonslayer 1988

The evil magician Reichswar has killed the King to gain possession of a magic crystal; now he means to use its power to rule the whole Xanadu. The princess Rieru is kidnapped. One brave young warrior, wielding the magic blade Dragonslayer, goes to her rescue.

Charming Figures of the Magical Girl Trio

Charming Figures of the Magical Girl Trio 1986

Its New Year and Yu, Mai and Pelsha get together to celebrate and reminisce over the magical adventures in their respective TV series. "Their three other selves", the alter egos Creamy Mami, Magical Emi and Fairy Pelsha, join them for a sparkling musical final.

Birdland - Over the Rainbow

Birdland - Over the Rainbow 1994

In this second short film in the Birdland series two birds escape and fly away to the rainbow. The story is set to the sound of "Over the Rainbow" played by legendary jazz pianist Art Tatum.

Home on the Rails

Home on the Rails 1981

A couple lives in a house situated on the railway tracks. They lead a peaceful domestic life, despite the periodic interruptions of the train passing through their living room; but when the husband - a gold prospector - falls down on his luck, the train comes to assume a more ominous significance.

Variations on Ah! Vous dirai-je, maman

Variations on Ah! Vous dirai-je, maman 1985

In this short animation a single room is the setting for a lyrical dance through time about family roots. The objects in the room swirl, rearrange and change themselves to reflect the passing seasons, years and generations. As Victorian Christmas fantasies give way to computer-age realities, the procession of objects reaffirms the values that endure the vagaries of fashion and the ravages of time.

Buyer Be Wise

Buyer Be Wise 1982

Goofy explains how to avoid making common consumer errors and get the best value for one's money by setting priorities, comparing prices, and looking for sales.

Time for Table Manners

Time for Table Manners 1987

Time for Table Manners is a 1987 Disney educational animated short featuring classic animation re-edited to a modern story. It teaches about the importance of table manners.

Say Cheese, Please

Say Cheese, Please 1970

Roland and Rattfink are movie stars in this cartoon. Rattfink gets fed-up playing as a villain who gets beat up by a hero (Roland) in his every movie, so he his father (who's a producer of the studio) to make him a hero in his future movie. His dad makes him a hero, and makes Roland Rattfink's stunt double, all the stunts miss Roland and hits Rattfink instead. Fed up again, Rattfink demands that he and Roland acts in separate features. Rattfink gets a script where he is General Custard. Fed-up again, Rattfink chases his dad by throwing his Oscars at him.

Black Tulip

Black Tulip 1988

When a 100,000-guilder contest is announced in 1800s Holland, Cornelius sets about to grow one to win the prize. However, at the same time, the local alchemist, Bochstel, is trying to cast a spell that will give him unlimited power - and 2 of his ingredients must be a fair maiden (Cornelius's girlfriend, Rosa) and a black flower! Cornelius succeeds in producing a black tulip, but is then arrested for treason for possessing something sent him in the mail - and Bochstel steals his tulip. Cornelius must escape from jail, retrieve his precious flower, and stop Bochstel from completing his spell.

Rain Dance

Rain Dance 1988

A farming family and their livestock dance during a much-needed downpour in this Quay Brothers short made for Sesame Street.

The Woman With Three Husbands

The Woman With Three Husbands 1993

This is a fable about a woman’s right to choose her husband: it tells the story of a princess, who has several suitors. She puts them to the test, and finally chooses the one who has demonstrated the finest moral qualities.