Truant Student 1959

Windy Bear notices his son heading off for school but, after he has left, notices he forgot his school books. He chases after him with them but is distracted by a nearby river stocked with trout. He decides to go fishing but is interrupted by Truant Officer Willoughby who mistakes him for a very large schoolboy playing hookey. Afterwards, Willoughby tries various methods to get Windy to go to school and, likewise, Windy tries various methods to avoid having to go to school. Finally, Windy is sent to school and, as punishment, must serve as the chime in the school's bell!

The Talking Dog 1956

Maggie and Sam have finally saved enough money to be able to pay off the mortgage on their home, and Maggie warns Sam to be careful on his way to the bank. Sam immediately runs into a shady character who offers many ways for Sam to lose his money, but Sam resists them all until he is offered a talking dog. San, figuring a talking dog is a way to get rich immediately buys it. He has many rejections before he can get the dog a booking at a theatre. Before the dog can exhibit his skills, a cat shows up and ruins the act. Maggie and Sam lose their home, and Sam ends up in the dog house, with a talking dog as his companion.

Paw's Night Out 1954

Paw arrives home from a night out with the boys and is determined to enter his house without waking Maw. Unable to do it himself, he asks for assistance from Milford the pig who supplies him with tips on how to stealthily enter the house...but they all fail miserably. Finally, Milford suggests, "Have you tried the back door?" It is unlocked and Paw enters quietly...only to discover Maw hasn't arrived home yet! At this point, Maw comes home and Paw goes out the front door to berate Maw for coming home so late. Maw goes in the back door ("so's not to wake Paw") and sees Paw at the front door at which point it's presumed *he* is just coming home and is berated by Maw anyway.

Pig in a Pickle 1954

Milford, the family pig, is being given a birthday party, on the farm, by Maw and Paw and all the kids, but he is kidnapped by one of the 39 Boomer Brothers on the neighboring farm, who want to make bar-b-que out of Milford. Maw and Paw set out to rescue Milford, but they are thwarted by the red-bearded brothers. But victory finally comes and Milford comes home to celebrate his birthday.

Bugs Bunny's Valentine 1979

Watch out as Elmer Fudd lays down his rifle in favor of a bow and "love arrows". None of the Loony Tunes favorites are safe from klutzy Elmer "Cupid" Fudd: Forhorn Leghorn and Daffy Duck are chased by love-crazed females and Bugs Bunny winds up getting hitched to Yosemite Sam!

M Phase 2015

Mars, 2035. The daily wearout overtires the space’s station crew. The anger of one of the members arises, there is no other choice but to conceal it, in order to preserve the apparently cohesiveness of the team.

The Tiny Tree 1975

A little girl is injured in an accident and confined to a wheelchair. When Christmas arrives, the forest animals decorate a small tree outside her window to give her a happy holiday.

Mike the Knight: The Fireless Dragon 2015

Sparkie decides to stop breathing fire after he ruins Mrs Piecrust's dragonberry pies! But Mike and Squirt need his fire-breathing skills to help them find some more dragonberries to make new ones.

Mike the Knight: Knightly Magic 2015

"The Greatest Wizard in the World", The Great Waldorfini, is visiting Glendragon and Evie can't wait to see his show. Determined to impress her hero, Evie practises her spells but will Mr Cuddles' reluctance to join in, and Mike's eagerness to help, get in the way of the magic? Meanwhile, a spell leaves Evie in a "tiny" spot of bother, the arrival of a new friend leaves Mr Cuddles feeling neglected and Evie tries to prove that being a knight is easier than being a wizard… but some things are not as simple as they seem!

Black Tulip 1988

When a 100,000-guilder contest is announced in 1800s Holland, Cornelius sets about to grow one to win the prize. However, at the same time, the local alchemist, Bochstel, is trying to cast a spell that will give him unlimited power - and 2 of his ingredients must be a fair maiden (Cornelius's girlfriend, Rosa) and a black flower! Cornelius succeeds in producing a black tulip, but is then arrested for treason for possessing something sent him in the mail - and Bochstel steals his tulip. Cornelius must escape from jail, retrieve his precious flower, and stop Bochstel from completing his spell.

Voodoo 2007

Adventurers get more than they bargained for on a remote island.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Renegade Rampage 2015

Mayhem ensues as the Turtles face new dangerous mutants in a special double episode. Plus, the boys try LARPing, Karai finally realises the truth, mutant villains steal retro-mutagen, and the city is invaded by a new mutant using living pizzas to attack!