Koko's Paradise 1926

Max Fleischer is going to a shooting gallery, so he practices on Koko and Fitz, sending them both to Paradise in this slightly erratic but funny cartoon.

Tatamp 2011

Mirai Mizue continues his experimentation with music and movement in his latest "cell animation," Tatamp. Not to be confused with the animation technique of "cel animation," Mizue’s unique style of "cell animation" is hand-drawn and colored on paper then scanned onto the computer for editing. The name refers to the fact that the creatures that he draws resemble amoeba and other minute organic creatures one might find under the lens of a microscope.

PiKA PiKA 2006

Abstract short film, the first "lightning doodle" film by Tochka.

Kappo 2006

Legs and shoes float across the screen in this short film by Yoriko Mizushiri.

Girl and Robot 2008

An impatient girl takes on the task of building a robot, can she complete it without destroying her own creation?

Generosity 1988

The dreamy images map the basic phases of human life: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.