The Little Mouse 1982

One idler cat sees in the attic three mice and decide that it would be fine breakfast for him

Journal 1998

The writer's intimate diary from October '96 to March '97, to the rhythm of animated sequences from day to day, according to events, sensations, memories, moods...

The Lady Said No 1946

Pepito approaches a beautiful senorita who icily rebuffs him, but he is persistent and she allows him to take her to an upscale restaurant, where Pepito can not pay the bill. The consequences are realized later when he finds himself at the altar, about to be married, a confused victim of a misunderstanding.

Rooted 1997

A young black man in an oppressive urban environment finds a new outlook by embracing his African roots.

Socializing The Bull? 1998

A bald-headed professor Rozina, with the help of his brother and female assistant, for many years tests all possible chemical compounds and solutions that could accelerate the growth of hair cells. Meanwhile, in the far galactic kingdom, at the edge of the Andromeda nebulae, King Alfred caught his son smoking cigarettes. A single poof of that substance can be fatal, since gasified tobacco causes anti-evolution process in the population of this kingdom. Fortunately, the inhaled dose was so small that the prince devolves only to the level of a bull. As a punishment, father King sends him to Earth, which is famous for the worst grass in the galaxy, so he could socialize well and come to his senses. Grizel supposed to seven long years, to come to his senses and to socialize better. Coincidentally or not, the prince-bull finds himself in the laboratory of professor Rozina, where he becomes the subject of professor's research. And here the story of evolution and anti-evolution interweave.

6 Weeks in June 1998

An animated road movie. 11000 miles across the USA and back in a transit van with a rock and roll band, a pencil, a stack of A6 paper and 6 weeks in June to do it.

Picture in Your Mind 1948

Sent by the U.S. government as a participant in the Marshall Plan with a specific mission to assist the French in re-gearing their animation studios, Stapp discovered a Europe much-decimated by war, but in further danger of annihilation by nuclear weapons. Returning to the U.S., he produced this alarming-yet-hopeful film, replete with its lonely, Tanguy-inspired landscapes peopled with static figures casting long shadows across charcoal-colored plains. While taking the risk of leaning a bit toward didacticism, Stapp managed to urgently convey the thought that world destruction was not necessarily inevitable, provided that people embrace, rather than reject their cultural and racial differences. ‘Picture’ is a unique document resulting from the sometimes dreamy, sometimes nightmarish vision of the artist in a war-torn land, with the spectre of death hovering ever-so-slightly ahead.


An audition for a conditioner commercial becomes an otherworldly psychogenic experience. Bold colors and pure style take precedent in this animated journey through place and mind.

Pussy Pumps Up 1979

“In a wry exploration of women’s sexuality, the character Pussy demonstrates the play between the masculine and the feminine, the strong and the passive, the observer and the observed, as she metamorphoses between female, feline and male figures. As the film demonstrates, animation is a form ideally suited to render the process of metamorphosis.” —Dr. Marian Quigley

Heinrich der Verhinderte 1966

Duke Heinrich von Libnitz wins a knightly drink competition in 1472. However, the last barrel he drinks costs him his entire estate. So he has to look for new property! Heinrich looks into the Kingdom of Poland, known for a beautiful princess and a huge wine cellar, and he decides to become the king of Poland. But his adventurous mission ends up on a dunghill instead of the throne.

Cholly Polly 1942

A cat and dog sleep together peacefully. The parrot, seeing this, can't stand it, so he pulls out his copy of Mein Kramp, where the first tip is to sow suspicion to divide and conquer. If that wasn't obvious enough, the parrot does a quick Hitler impression. He suggests the dog bite the cat; the dog just goes back to sleep. Next, the parrot claws the dog and whispers to both - still no fight. He feeds Myrtle the Cat a bowl of catnip and they finally start fighting, until they knock the book down; when they realize what the parrot has done, they turn on him.

The Professor 1967

A botanist, a caterpillar and a butterfly in a foolish pursuit in the great tradition of British absurdity.