Dig That Dog 1954

The story of Percy P. Pettipoint who purchases a much-desired great dane named Cuddles. He instructs Cuddles to bury his scraps in the back yard. Cuddles is a fast learner and obeys but, unfortunately, he carries it a little too far and eventually starts burying everything in the back yard including the refrigerator, the TV set, the bathtub (with him in it), and the mailman! Finally, when Cuddles buries Pettipoint's house, the man decides to get rid of the mutt...easier said than done.

Hay Rube 1954

The Jingling Bros. Circus is performing for one night only in the town that farm horse Sugarfoot lives in. Paw has Sugarfoot pulling a plow. A new billboard goes up with pretty circus horse Starbrite's picture on it. She is a star at the circus. Sugarfoot falls for her and leaves his farm to meet her. Once he arrives, he sees Starbrite's trainer beating her. Sugarfoot kicks the villainous circus trainer. Sugarfoot woos the crowd with his ability to thwart the angry trainer, who keeps shooting at him with a rifle and missing every shot while, at the same time, getting the worst end of each thing he attempts to do to wrangle the horse. Paw is discouraged until Sugarfoot shows up again... this time with a bride and four little ponies.

Broadway Bow Wow's 1954

The story of John, a show biz dog, and his partner/fiancee Mary. We see him about to jump off a bridge when he stops and explains why he is doing it.

Chris Columbo 1938

A fun, tune-filled retelling of the legendary Christopher Columbus telling of the world being round, and going on his ocean voyage.

A Fish Story 1972

Charlie's doctor claims that Charlie is nervous, and suggests that he gets a pet fish to calm him down.

The Ostrich Egg and I 1956

Sam acquires and ostrich from which hatches, no surprise, an ostrich. The ostrich attach's itself to Sam, in addition to eating everything in sight, and Maggie orders him to get rid of it. When Sam thinks he has lost the bird, he returns home where Maggie leads him to the bedroom, where Sam finds the ostrich with a family of her own.

Depth Study 1957

Three archaeologists learn about the impact television, especially the CBS network, had on postwar America.

Bee Bopped 1959

After a short history on bees and bee-keeping, we find Windy the bear's attempts to steal honey from a bee hive (he is teaching his son the "right" way to get honey) only to be attacked by the bee inside. Windy tries a number of attempts to outsmart the bee. He floods the hive, dresses as a queen bee, uses a bathroom plunger to trap the bee (only to get it stuck to various parts of his body) and finally tries to dynamite it, only succeeding in blowing himself up. At the hospital, he is served honey and hotcakes in bed... by a male nurse who looks suspiciously like the bee he just tangled with!

Rain Rain, Go Away 1972

Nothing goes right for Charlie. First his golf game is rained out, then the TV won't start, then Junior is too busy to play.

The Goose Is Wild 1963

Charlie Beary, furiously plowing through a mountain of bills, vows that he's going to cut expenses.

Mother's Little Helper 1962

Bessie Beary complains she is tired of always having to do the housework. Charlie offers to take care of things while she goes to the beauty parlor. Bessie, with good reason, does not trust Charlie and advises Goose to keep an eye out. Sure enough, Charlie does his chores as sloppily as possible leaving Goose to head over to the beauty parlor to tattle to Bessie who berates Charlie over the phone. Charlie soon discovers what a snitch Goose is and tries to "close that big beak".

Next Door Neighbors 1909

An elderly couple gets nosy and want to know what the two young lovers are doing next door. So, they decide to drill a hole in the wall. They are discovered and the young couple use a trick to play a joke on them--as all the older couple see is strange animation. They get the concierge, but when he peeks through, all he sees is the couple.

The Master of a Fashionable Game 1910

The film presents a drawing room meeting of enthusiastic puzzle workers. One gentleman has a new way of solving his puzzle. He puts a handkerchief over the game and immediately the picture is made. Under the handkerchief, we see how, piece by piece, it is put into one finished picture. His success makes him an object of envy, however, and the gentleman meets with considerable trouble before the party is over. (Moving Picture World)