Data Driven: The Story of Franz K

Data Driven: The Story of Franz K 1993

A very early animated study by the future Oscar winning animator Chris Landreth. Here we see the roots of Landreth's approach of perverting the latest high end 3D animation to fabricate Kafkaesque, jigsaw monsters with jarring incongruities.

The Mathematician

The Mathematician 1977

The salutary tale of a genius mathematician who discovers that mankind is heading for environmental disaster. Ignored by all, he sets out to prove it — however the proof, represented by “a little black box”, is taken up by those previous doubters and exploited.

The Fable of He and She

The Fable of He and She 1974

The animated story of the Hardibars and Mushamels—whimsical clay creatures who discover that gender stereotypes are not always accurate or useful.

Notorious Corn

Notorious Corn

It's the story of a small grain of corn that dreams about glory. He's on the path to success, but where does that path ultimately lead



Tao-Tao the baby rabbit has arguments with their friends, then discovers echoes.

The Tin Soldier

The Tin Soldier 1986

This timeless tale written by Hans Christian Andersen tells the comic adventures of a tin soldier accidentally knocked off the toy shelf, and of two lovable, lonely mice who inadvertently place the soldier in danger, then set out to rescue him and return him to the music box ballerina.

SF Saiyuuki Starzinger

SF Saiyuuki Starzinger 1979

Princess Aurora, the only survivor of her planet destroyed by evil mutants, is resolved to put an end to the mutant menace in the galaxy along with three enhanced human cyborgs Jesse Dart, Porkos and Aramus, she travels space in the Cosmos Queen to the Dekkos System to fight the final battle.

Body Jack - Tanoshii Yutai Ridatsu

Body Jack - Tanoshii Yutai Ridatsu 1987

Dr. Toyama takes control of the body of a beautiful girl with his strange invention. He lets the young Asagedani "slip into" her body so he can see how it real feels to be a girl. Then Komaba's classmate, the equally beautiful Nakano, surprises "him" and mistakes his activities for a sexual advance from her friend.

Prince Loseno

Prince Loseno

This short film utilizes intricate clay animation to tell of King Ngolo, who is without a male heir. Jealousies among his three wives and with his first love — now the court witch doctor — thwart birth of a successor. Finally blessed with a male heir, the king dies during the Prince's coronation; "Birth and death are twins in the destiny of man," concludes the narrator-griot.

Particle Dreams

Particle Dreams 1988

Dream sequences created using 3D particle systems techniques. Behavior rules are applied to thousands of individual particles to model complex phenomena such as an explosion, a snowstorm, a tumultuous head, and a waterfall. A Connection Machine CM-2 computer was used to perform physical simulations on thousands of particles simultaneously, one processor for each particle.

Wanda Runs

Wanda Runs

When difficulties arise, Wanda simply runs from her problems. Fortunately, she does not have to run alone!