Twisted Tales 2

Twisted Tales 2 2000

In the tradition of Twilight Zone and Tales from the Darkside, Kevin Lindenmuth, Mick McLeery, and Santo Marotta have worked together to create Twisted Tales 2.

Deli Hell

Deli Hell 1997

Dawn Murphy owns a very special delicatessen, one which serves choice cuts of human meat. Four women come to her deli and one by one Dawn knocks them out with chloroform, strips them, and puts them onto her giant barbecue.

Photo Murders

Photo Murders 1996

A psycho photographer (G.W. Lawrence) kidnaps young women to rape and kill on camera, and then sells the footage to horror films that are released overseas. A female cop (Clancey McCauley) goes after him.

Igodo: The Land of the Living Dead

Igodo: The Land of the Living Dead 1999

This tale that takes place in a village where people are dying randomly. The Igwe calls a meeting of the elders and the witch doctor. One elder has a story to tell: The story of Amadioha. The secrets of the story hold the key their misfortune.

The Invitation

The Invitation 2001

Three friends discover the terrifying secret behind a college sorority.


Squareworld 1995

Squareworld has a stark, minimal narrative: a drug-addicted man kidnaps a young woman from the hills, holds her prisoner and eventually kills her and disposes of her body. We learn almost nothing about either the victim or her tormentor, and the film contains no moral judgments-Tony Rayns

The Wicked

The Wicked 2001

Deep within the woods, two special agents receive more than they bargain for. After the disturbing discovery of a dead girl, special agents Roger and Fisher get a taste of the terrors that lurk within the unknown.


Daayen 1997

In Hindi, a "daayen" or "daayani" (Hindi: डायन) is a term for a witch, descended from the Sanskrit word dakini, which refers to a female supernatural being.