BLOODLOSS is the story of a reporter who infiltrates a secret society of people who worship the vampire myths.

Song Under the Moonlight

Song Under the Moonlight 1985

At the 10th year since King Yeon-San came to the throne, Suwon magistrate Yun Dong-Kyun dies a mysterious death. Lee Won-Seok leaves for Suwon as the next magistrate and his wife Kim remains at the home. Man-Dol, who has been admired her, tells a lie to her that her husband indulges himself in woman and it make her blind with avarice. Unreliable incidents continuously happen and one day, Lee Won-Seok is murdered. Man-Dol is turned out to be the murderer and on the day when a prize gate for exemplary woman is bestowed on Kim, a thunder falls on the gate.

Murder Island

Murder Island

It's summer. A group of teenagers decide to go on a camping trip. They drive far up in the country until they find a small place were they rent canoe's for a cheap price. The group paddle for a long time before they find the perfect island to set up camp on. They have sex, do drugs and drink alcohol. But the next morning they notice that one of them has disappeared. They split up to go looking for her, but that proves to have horrifying consequences...

The Upstairs Neighbour

The Upstairs Neighbour

Pulp novelist Eric lives in a bad neighborhood, and the guy upstairs annoys him with his noise. Gradually this escalates to pranksters phone calls and wire tapping which ticks off Eric's already unstable, nervous and paranoid personality.

The Violence Movie 2

The Violence Movie 2 1988

Was it real or was it a dream? For some unexplained reason, Joey Hammond returns in this action-packed sequel to The Violence Movie. This time the crazed killer is relentless in his pursuit of the innocent Joey with twice the action, twice the gore, twice the body count and twice the fun!


Tainted 1987

Psychological horror / suspense story centers around Cathy (Shari Shattuck), a young school teacher married to the owner of a crematorium. After she's attacked and nearly raped by her ex-husband, Cathy kills him and attempts to cover up the murder.

Daughter of a Ghost

Daughter of a Ghost 1983

In a valley village in Hwanghae-do province, there is a legend about an old wolf that has lived there for a thousand years and takes the form of a woman to make trouble. Ok-hwa is the only daughter of Kim Jwa-su. She loses her parents to the plotting of Wol-sun, her stepmother. Unjustly accused of being a 'mad wolf,' Ok-hwa is sentenced to death. The ghost of Ok-hwa's mother, Kang, tries to save her poor daughter. The ghost of Kang punishes the evil Wol-sun and her lover, Choi Si-baek for their sins. However, Buddhist monk Mu-ryang teaches her that the life and death of humans as well as emotions like joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure are transient. He takes Ok-hwa's hand and they leave. Sixty years later, a descendent of Si-baek is at a small Buddhist temple in Mt. Gu-wol when he sees Si-baek and Wol-sun's…

Diabolical Shudder

Diabolical Shudder 1972

Two brothers, one good and the other evil, get caught up in a legend involving the King of Darkness, who comes to his disciples to feast on the blood of a virgin and grant power and prosperity to all of his followers.

Blood Dreams

Blood Dreams 1991

A lesbian vampire tale, this was initially made to try to tempt investors into backing a feature-length version. It runs 40 minutes and received only a foreign release under the title Sangre songes.

The Last Fly

The Last Fly 1989

A man pays local children to bring him flies. After having cut off their wings and legs, he sticks them on the walls of his apartment. When a prostitute appears at his door, he sees in her the final piece to his work.

Phantom Soldiers

Phantom Soldiers 1987

Texas Ranger Daniel Custer leaves for Vietnam to find his brother Michael, a Green Beret Lieutenant who has been reported missing in action. Michael's squad was searching for a mysterious group of 'phantom soldiers' that had been using US-made arms for massacring villages and killing unarmed civilians. Daniel goes out on his own into the jungles of Vietnam to find his brother and stop these killers.

Angel of Light

Angel of Light 1986

"Angel of Light" is the startling drama of a young woman’s search for her spiritual identity. A search that becomes a frightening journey where fantasy and reality are one, a true story.

POE 4 - The Black Cat

POE 4 - The Black Cat

Following up the successful trilogy "P.O.E.", some of the most original international indie directors bring the tales of Edgar Allan Poe to life.



Akira, a young and attractive but emotionally damaged Japanese woman moves to the United States to escape a past marked by tragedy. She moves in with her sister Hana and her new husband Adam to start a new life. But as Akira's behavior grows increasingly erratic and strange disturbances mark the night, Akira is forced to reveal her real reason for coming.

Those Merry Souls

Those Merry Souls 1985

Chiu Chi-Lung and Ng Kuai-Tak are two movie stunt actors in Hong Kong and are suspicious of Lung's father Chiu's mysterious behavior. Unbeknownst to them, Chiu was commissioned as a "messenger" by the Spirit World to take newly-departed souls to the other side. When Tak suffers a major accident on the movie set, Chiu keeps Tak's soul from being taken away, thereby, reviving him.