Sacrifice for Satan 1981

Greedy characters attempt to use black magic to get their hands on a valuable estate. It works out about as well as you'd guess.

Snake Queen's Love Story 1989

Snake Queen Nyi Blorong (a paranormal being) saves Basuki from the mob and makes him rich in the process, but instead of making offerings to her, which is his duty as her follower, he falls in love with another woman named Warsih. Warsih, on the other hand, is not at all interested in Basuki as she is in love with Kuncoro. Both Warsih and Kuncoro are suspicious of how Basuki became rich. Then they ask a psychic about Basuki. This makes Nyi Blorong even more furious. When she seeks advice from her “superior”, she is told to return to the “spirit” world she belongs to. But then, Ki Sanca, a psychic who has a vendetta against Nyi Blorong, tries to attack her.

Face of a Killer 1972

Rubia, a rich widow who has a granddaughter named Rina, is terrorized repeatedly by the shadow of a man holding a knife and wearing black gloves. She reports it to Inspector Arifin who starts to investigate.

Satan's Cemetery 1975

In the Islamic tradition, when a person is buried and the binding of their cover cloth is not released, the dead will become a ‘pocong’ ghost (mythical ghost of the dead who can jump around). Another belief is that if you have unpaid debts, a cat will jump over your dead body and you’ll become a ghost. Joyoprono, a rich landlord and a loan shark, who was greedy during his life dies when a tree falls on him. After his death, a ‘pocong’ ghost comes to the village and disturbs the peace.

Spooks A-Poppin' 1992

A documentary about the phenomenon of "spook shows," which were a sort of circus-type freak show/carnival act that were often performed in movie theaters before a horror movie was shown. Film clips from several old spook shows and interviews with some of the performers and producers are shown.

Deyyam 1996

Murali and Sindhu, bought a new farm house in the suburbs of Hyderabad. The problem comes when Sindhu's son starts making imaginary friends in their new home. It is later then revealed that his "imaginary friends" are ghosts and they have been telling their son to move out of their house.


Optical printing brings to life the Bride of Frankenstein - from the BFI London Film Festival 2016 programme

The Mystery of Ronggeng Jaipong 1982

Police Lieutenant Iskandar (Kelly Kalyubi) joins a doctor’s mission to a village but he's really there to investigate the mysterious deaths of several men who were found with snake bites on their necks. The early victims were all men who'd recently had sex with the village "black widow" Wulan (Giselawaty), but then people not even associated with her start turning up dead.

Ghost Love 1964

Three traveling students are forced to stay in a old temple and are told by the groundskeeper not to open the doors or windows after dark. One of them doesn't listen, meets a beautiful woman and the next day is found dead with two small puncture wounds on his arm. The following evening, a second student is killed, leaving only Marut. Will he be the next victim?

Fallen Angels Paradise 1989

A female teacher purchases an old house that turns out to be haunted. An evil psychic, who's conjuring up spirits in an attempt to force the teacher into selling, is responsible.

Ghost Bell 1985

The spirit of a former leader who was killed during the construction of a new bell tower haunts a village.

Ghostly Affection 1987

Three goons murder an innocent young woman and, since she died violently, she returns as a fearful ghost called "Phi Tai Hong." She starts killing people, including those responsible for her death... but isn't willing to stop just there.

Mae Nak Revival 1960

Another Mae Nak movie and one of the earliest ones. The same ghost would be the centerpieces of dozens upon dozens of later films, TV shows, theater plays and more.

Ghost Bell 1968

Thai ghost story. Was remade under the same title in the mid 1980s.

Dream car 1989

A man became obssessed with a dream car, soon his dream become a claustrophobic nightmare.

The Perfect Couple 1991

As a child, Francisco (Sebastian Ligarde) was violently tortured by his mother. Now a happily married man, everyone in the neighborhood thinks he and his beautiful wife (Lorena Herrera) are the perfect couple. But think again! Francisco is actually living a double life and the dark half is a sadistic and perverse serial killer.