Shree Ganesh

Shree Ganesh 1962

After giving birth to Bhagwan Shri Kartiyeke, Devi Maa Parvati forms a child-human image from clay, adopts him, and asks him to guard the house and not let anyone in while she bathes. The child refuses to let anyone in, including Bhagwan Shivji himself, who beheads him. When a tearful Parvatiji pleads, Shivji brings the child back to life with the head of an elephant, and names him Gajanand, and assures him that no one will make fun of him.

Topical Budget 93-1: The Derby 1913

Topical Budget 93-1: The Derby 1913 1913

A routine account of the 1913 Epsom Derby, one of many horse races that Topical Budget covered that year, this film inadvertently made a contribution to the history of the suffragette movement by capturing the moment when activist Emily Davison (1872-1913) was trampled by Anmer, King George V's horse, after she had invaded the track and attempted to grab its reins.

Ukyunosuke on Patrol

Ukyunosuke on Patrol 1963

This is one of the most powerfully effective ninja films that dispenses with the silly magic of earlier efforts, and concentrates on an excellent story with expert fighting. Sena Denemon is the rarest of government officials, a man of integrity, sent on a mission to uncover the corruption that ran rampant during the Edo Period. Refusing bribes, and willing to put his life on the line to raise his son properly, heinfuriates the corrupt Inspectors; thus endangering his own life. Along with his two trusted vassals, he makes a brave effort to alert the Shogun to the plot which is being carried out. After the battle, his son Ichitaro joins the Chichibu ninja group in order to master fighting so he, too, can fight the forces which have brought about so much suffering.

Nameless Stars

Nameless Stars 1959

Nameless Stars recounts the history of Korean students' struggles against Japanese occupation by focusing on the Gwangju Student Independence Movement of 1929. The son of a freedom fighter, Sang-hun (Hwang Hae-nam) is a member of an anti-Japanese resistance group called "Seongjinhoe," composed of students who share a dedication to the cause of liberation. Their spiritual guide is a teacher named Song Un-in. One day, Yeong-ae (Cho Mi-ryeong), whose brother is a detective in the Japanese police force charged with monitoring independence movements, joins their group. Followinga series of sporadic incidents, the students gather one night to resolve on an uprising, but are discovered by the police. Young-ae is wrongfully accused of betraying their plans, but she risks her life in order to allow the group members to escape. The morning after, the students of Gwangju rise up against the Japanese government.

The Boy & A Great River

The Boy & A Great River 1998

An educational film about the Kuzuryuu River in Japan. It starts out in the Meiji Era where the villages along it kept getting plagued by floods. The villagers prayed for it to stop but it did nothing. A young boy who lost his childhood friend to the floods grows up into a man and decides to take matters into his own hands. He starts constructing an embankment which leads to a village-wide project which spread to other villages along the river.

The Mystery of Gender

The Mystery of Gender 1933

The story of two newly enamored medical students, loosely arranged around recordings of various medical operations on the human reproductive system. Interspersed: a dark bar, populated by drug addicts and the "sexually abnormal," medical images of the sex of intersex people, sex changes and transplantation of animal genitalia.

The Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles 1963

A gunman, during the Turkish occupation of Greece, collides with the landlords, considering them traitors. But when he learns that belong to the Society of Friends and prepare the Revolution, would become their ally.