Zigomar - the Black Scourge - Episode 2

Zigomar - the Black Scourge - Episode 2 1913

The next dastardly trick of Zigomar was to secure the safe which carried $50,000 belonging to the owner of the Grand African Circus, which he had won as a prize. He and La Rosario, disguised as servants, joined the circus and by the aid of a powerful elephant managed to get the safe to a manhole into which is was lowered to Zigomar and La Rosario.

She Banked in Her Stocking; or, Robbed of Her All

She Banked in Her Stocking; or, Robbed of Her All 1905

The formal name of the peep show machine was the Mutoscope -- at least when it was manufactured by the American Mutoscope & Biograph Company, which later became simply "Biograph" and is best remembered for the films directed by D.W. Griffith with G.W. "Billy" Bitzer as him cameraman. At this point, however, Griffith was a struggling stage actor and Bitzer was a leading cameraman for Biograph. This meant that he did all sorts of movies, including peep shows, and this is one of them. The title tells all and the show shows a lot as a woman exposes a shapely limb and is punished for her flouting of decent behavior.

Treffpunkt Aimée

Treffpunkt Aimée 1956

DEFA crime film about the smuggling of PVC across the (still open) border from East to West Berlin.


Tigresa 1969

Patricia has always been bullied and her abusive alcoholic of a father was no help either. One night she is assaulted in her apartment. She doesn't see the face of her attacker, but notices a scar on the man's back. Her father, stumbling into the apartment, is killed by the rapist. The police searches for the scarred rapist, without success. Patricia starts looking for her rapist - only to find him, when she least expects it.