Fear and Love 1967

"Love + fear = Torment" exposes the secret world of the French model studios, and the men who try to corrupt them. Mobsters become involved when fifty-thousand dollars worth of uncut gems are stolen. A model studio becomes terrorized as one of the models innocently befriends one of the mobsters.

Chick 1936

The hall porter at an Oxbridge College inherits an Earldom and enjoys a series of adventures.

Efter levande modell 1961

Three young women and four young men are gathered in a hunting lodge on a small island. Two of the men, Paul and Bilbo, write a police drama for a big newspaper. Imprudently, they initially imagined a perfect crime, so perfect that they can not find the solution. And yet they worked "from nature": their novel takes place in a pavilion similar to that where they are and the characters are like them.

Il cappello da prete 1944

The baron of Santafusca, descended from a noble family, leads a dissipated life. To pay debts he is forced to sell his house. He tries to steal from the house of a very rich priest and, surprised during the theft, he kills the priest, and then throws the body in an abandoned well. He continues his life of revelries and luxury, until the remorse for the crime trigger a process of self-destruction. The nightmares of the baron, tormented by the only evidence left of the murder, the hat of the priest ,drags him into a daring and hallucinated series of ups and downs to the brink of insanity and jail.

Tåg norrut 1952

The destinies of different kind of people encounter in a passenger train that is traveling from Helsinki to the North.

The Exquisite Thief 1919

Blue Jean Billie (Dean), a prosperous young woman crook who lives apart from the denizens of the underworld, has pulled off many robberies of the high society world with the help of her pal Shaver Michael (De Grasse). Billie gains admission to the Vanderhoof dinner at which the engagement of their daughter to Lord Chesterton (Hall) will be announced. While the dinner is in progress, Billie gags and handcuffs special officer Detective Wood (Ross), and proceeds to make a wholesale robbery of the guests. She flees in an automobile and none succeed in tracking her save Lord Chesterton. She makes a prisoner of him, but a police raid follows and she must flee. Once more Lord Chesterton succeeds in following her and again she makes him her prisoner, but she learns to trust and love him. The special agent and Shaver Michael arrive at the scene with resulting complications, but a happy end results for all.