Inhumanwich! 2016

Following a radioactive accident in outer space, an astronaut is transformed into a sentient blob of meat who devours everything and everyone in its path.

Chains 2009

Chain, starved for beauty in her desolate underground community of scavengers, appears to commit the crime of growing a flower by using scarce water. As Munk, who oversees the roulette type death punishment breathes in this world’s only flower she pauses in awe of the miracle, but the gun is loaded and the trigger is squeezed…

The Sect 2014

Kalima, a young foreigner just arrived in Buenos Aires, attends a job interview, without suspecting that the job is with a mysterious sect working in the human trafficking business.

La jaula 2000

A desperado named Reo is killed by the police. When he goes to hell, the devil gives him a second chance to live. After returning to the living world, he looks for redemption. But soon he finds out that the devil has played dirty with him.

Hold 2014

Stuck in his endless loneliness, a man wanders in a post-apocalyptic world... Only to discover he is not alone.

The Legend of Cooley Moon 2012

The legendary post-apocalyptic adventure of Cooley Moon, in which a mysterious and brutal attack has decimated the world's population, forcing a small group of survivors to stay alive long enough to unlock the mystery that could save them all.

Kumi to Tulip 2015

Kumi is a little girl who lives in a world with sparkling metal skyscrapers, and where robots support everything. Kumi's playground is a garden by one of those skyscrapers with a man-made water fountain, artificial vegetation, and digital water and butterflies. Kumi meets an old man who visits the park every day to paint the artificial flowers. The old man tells Kumi of when he discovered a "breathing" tulip sprouting amidst the artificial flowers, and the two decide to watch over the tulip together as it grows. (From ANN)

Unaired 2010

S.P.I is entering its third season as the most watched Paranormal Hunting program with its Halloween premiere. The team is investigating a haunted garage/basement on secluded property and prepping to create some soaring ratings with scary content. Upon investigation however, they see that what they all fabricate, may in fact be very real...

Melpomenos 2013

Far in the future, a woman wakes up in an escape pod on the surface of an empty alien planet dotted with the remains of an ancient alien civilization. Faced with isolation and the threat of death from the toxic night air, she must travel across the barren landscape and find a way to send a message home. She copes with alternating emotions of hope and loneliness and encounters semblances of human presences that push and pull these feelings within her. All the while she is overshadowed by the immense monolith on the horizon, a leftover of the alien civilization that existed on the planet countless years before. Her journey transforms over time, evolving from a focus on her character in the face of impending death to a study of absence and presence, transience and endurance. Her journey towards the crash site and the giant monolith becomes a race against time as she seeks a way to leave her mark and not be forgotten.

The Wish 2012

A man is thrown into a new dimension of isolation between light and shadow, where there are no exits, where fear replaces knowledge and science, where he must fight his imagination and his thoughts, to find a way back to the real world.

Nineteen 1987

Set in Tokyo in 1998, three 19-year-old time patrollers are dispatched to take part in time travelling vampire hunting.

Nurse Diary: Beast Afternoon 1982

A doctor develops a new scientific breakthrough in female psychotherapy with the discovery of the “Dream Ring,” a device that is inserted into a woman to record her thoughts and dreams. But, one dark and stormy night, the doctor and his assistant end up dead… hanging by ropes from the rafters of their lab. The lovely Reiko suffers from a condition known as “genophobia” (the fear of sexual intercourse), so she is admitted to the Tachibana Clinic for observation. Another group of doctors have the “Dream Ring” device and use it on Reiko to analyze her wildly erotic, and violent, dreams and nightmares. The clinic doctors have more sinister reasons to test this device on Reiko, however, and secretly put her under hypnosis so that the ring is activated at any time she hears the sound of a bell. Can she escape the evil doctors’ experiment and, even if she does, who is that strange person, dressed all in black, following her around?